Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Services we currently offer…


  Some examples of the commercial services we provide include (but not limited too)
proud and confident owner of a cafe/ pastry shopOwner Operator Imagery
Let your customers see you at your very best!
We realize that not everyone is thrilled about having their picture taken, but you’re not just anyone – you’re a successful business owner operator!

Our photography staff will provide perfect lighting and coach you in the modeling process…yes, we said model! You!

We promise to make you look your best!

You - The Picture of Success

Food Photography

Mmmmmm. Delicious. Mouth watering yet?
Done right, food photography should have the same effect as having the real thing placed in front of you at dinner.

Next time you make that special dish, we hope you think of us. Really. We’ll create pictures of your favorite dishes that look so good you almost want to eat them (but please refrain from doing so…)

Picture This: A Delicious Dish

Interior Architectural Imagery
Look at the detail in the image to the left.
From the carpeting to the creases in the cushions, the details and the warmth pull your eyes into the image, inviting you to make yourself comfortable in one of those cozy wicker chairs.

Kratka Photography specializes in High Dynamic Range Imagery (HDRI)  which helps to bring out these details. But most of the time, our customers just call it “wow! that’s a photograph?”

High Dynamic Range Imagery (HDRI)

Photography at its best!


Thank you for taking the time to check out Kratka Photography.Based in Midcoast of Maine, we offer many different photography & fine art services.

Our photography services range from portable, on-location portrait services for family and Pictures that make us smilecorporate clients,to environmental and human interest imagery services for publishing outfits such as magazines and news media.

Our fine art photography is near and dear to our hearts, and each image is born from the desire to capture the very essence of Maine, the place we call home.

Kratka Photography's imagery has been published world wide, featured in local magazines such as Belfast Bay & Beyond, and our Maine scenic grace the walls of happy clients ranging from Banks to personal collectors coast to coast. 

What kind of images did you have in mind today?        


Click on the What We Do tab at the top of this page and let’s take some pictures!

Services Update

School Portraits

Do you remember those quirky school pictures you had done in the elementary school? If your like me, you might agree they were 'cute' but, uh.....what's with your hair? Didn't they havecombs back then?  
Why not hire Kratka Photography the next time your child needs school pictures. As artists, we have an eye for details and years of experience - the perfect combination needed to capture this moment in your child's life - and yours.
Kratka Photography brings more than just a comb along when it's time to take pictures. We bring the passion for memorable imagery. 

Engagement Portraits

  "There is no remedy for love than to love more."
  Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)
Many have tried, but few have found words that aptly describe how we feel when love finds us.
On other hand, it's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why Kratka Photography should be on your short list of phone numbers to call when you find that special someone (the other numbers should be your parents, some close friends, and a wedding planner...)
Kratka Photography takes a personal interest in each of our clients, and happy couples are always fun to work with and photograph. Do you have a special place in mind, someplace that you go for walks? A local park? Do you fancy sunrises or sunsets together? Whatever you have in mind, we want to help you make it happen.
Pricing & Packages

Fine Art - Framed Imagery

When we're not busy taking pictures of people, we sometimes find time natural beauty unique to our home state of Maine.
Living here gives us the advantage of being to explore all those nooks and crannies any ole' time we feel like it, and believe me, we do. When summer finally arrives (about the time the snow melts, or July 1st, whichever comes first...) we start planning our photo shoots around scenic routes up and down our rocky coast. Over the years, we've collected some beautiful scenic images.
Kratka Photography is now happy to provide our customers framed prints of Maine scenes. We will be adding more to our collection as time allows, and we hope you enjoy them.
Depending on the image, all prints are are professionally printed on  Kodak Endura E-Surface, Endura Metallic and Ilford's True B&W, and all three provide 100 year archival value, professionally framed and delivered to anywhere you live.