Saturday, March 27, 2010

A new year....a new look.

No. Your not lost. You have arrived at the new home page for Kratka Photography.

For 2010, I’ve decided to revamp my website to coincide with my new business model. Starting this year, Kratka Photography will now be offering both family and corporate photography services. It’s my hope that by expanding the types of services available, my business will grow in multiple directions, allowing me to apply my skills and creative talents in multiple arenas.
To summarize, the follow services are now available…

On location Family Portrait Session (we come to you!!)

What this means:

Do you live in Maine, or perhaps your visiting? Either way, your here, and you love the scenery that yells “Hello from Maine!!!” . Ever thought about a family portrait with your favorite vacation spot in the background? Kratka Photography will setup on location at your favorite destination and professionally capture you and your family with your favorite scene in the background. That’s right…your favorite location; your summer home, your camp. Make your next family portrait the best ever!

On location corporate imagery

What this means:
You need that perfect headshot picture for your business cards, and that picture of you that Uncle Bob took of you at your last family reunion just doesn’t cut no matter how much you photoshop it. Solution? Let Kratka Photography provide you with exactly what you need. Our professional photographer will work with you to help make your vision a reality. The next time someone looks at your business card, the image they see of you will convey that extra level of confidence and professionalism your clients expect from you. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Corporate imagery sessions tend to be shorter than conventional family portrait sessions. Therefore our prices are very competitive, we even offer group rates so you and your executive associates can cash in on the same session.

Journalistic & Photo Assignments

What this means:
Are you a magazine editor from ‘away’ (Maine speak for ‘visitor from out of state’) writing a story about Maine but don’t have or don’t want to spend the money to send a photographer up here to get those pictures to go along with your story? Kratka Photography already has their boots on the ground. We live here. We know the area. We know the people. This is our home.  We will work with you, your writers, or your advertising people to get you what you need. Forward us the subject you are writing about and what kind of images you would like to go with you story, and Kratka Photography will do the rest. Our freelance photographers have provided eye popping images for the newspaper and TV media here in Maine for years, and we can do the same for you and your article.