Wednesday, June 3, 2009

POTD: The Day Ends....

Belfast, Maine

These docks rise and fall with the tides. When the tide gets unusually low, sometimes people find things that are normally submerged. In this case, someone recovered an old lobster trap or "pot", which they then promptly hauled up and left on the dock.

Do you like lobster? Most people would assume that lobsters that are too small get thrown back, but how about lobsters that are too big? Can there be such a thing?

Lobsters caught in Maine with a body shell length of 5 inches or larger are marked and thrown back and become the property of the state of Maine. They are allowed to grow as large as they can, which will help keep the population healthy for the next season.

It's not uncommon for divers in our harbor to come across granddaddy lobsters that weigh 10-20 lbs or even more.


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