Sunday, November 1, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

What is exactly is 'Human Interest' photography?
Human Interest photography is best described as pictures that capture the essence  of people doing what comes natural to them. Picture yourself at your best, and that's the image I want.
Example:  Late afternoon sunlight fills barn where a horse owner is lovingly combing the mane of her favorite steed. Can you see it? That's human interest photography at it's finest!
Where are you prices?
We have found over time that 'price packaging', while straight forward, does always meet the clients needs. Each assignment is very important, and the images produced are precious. We work closely with our clients to be certain that the image you have in mind makes becomes a reality.
That being said, we do provide each client with a wide range of printing options & pricing. 
Do you do weddings?
At this time, Kratka Photography does not provide wedding photography services.