Friday, October 12, 2012

“Just because I can” Video

In 8th grade, I took an interest in video production. I didn’t know the first thing about, well, anything really, I just thought it was cool. Apparently so did a couple of other kids because it was just me and them, all 4 of us.

Now I don’t recall the teachers name, but I do remember what he looked like. Long brown hair, long side burns, mustache and thick, dark rimmed glasses. Come to think of it, he sort of reminded me of Woody Alan. And I remember where he came from: Connecticut Public Television. This guy was my hero.

The details are somewhat fuzzy, but I do recall that our equipment. I smile with fondness when I think about the old fashion and very large black & white video camera, a separate reel-to-reel recorder (yes! reel-to-reel!) and a separate battery back. It took at least two people to manage all of that gear, or in our case, 3 eighth graders.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come since those days, and today just about anyone with a cell phone has the ability to recorder video. In color. In HD! And it all fits in your pocket. Amazing.

The video posted here is just for fun. I enjoy the song and I was looking for an outlet for some burning creativity. I went out and filmed some windy scenes (apologies for the camera shake in some of the shots, but it was really windy!) and then inserted some other footage and combined it all with still images that I have shot over the years.

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Gear: Canon 7D & Canon lenses. Still shots on Canon 20D and Canon 7D. Edited using Sony Vegas.

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