Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let’s Talk High Tech


We live in a Facebook world. Need an answer to a question? Google it. News seems to travel faster than it can develop, and what used to take days or weeks now takes mere seconds…or less. Reporters in the field needed to find a phone in IMG_3582-2order to get their reports to their employers, now they just tweet it.

During the Vietnam conflict, war photographers would send thousands of canisters of film back to the states for development and publication. Now they whip out the satellite phone and upload them from middle of nowhere.

Our high tech world comes at a price though; the lack of human touch. Our cell phone and our laptops allow us to talk with all of our closest friends without ever having to see them. Instant movies on our TVs means no more trips to the video rental store. The internet and a credit card is all that is needed to order up anything from groceries to replacement parts for our cars. Even the UPS guy seems like a phantom when a box bearing our name shows up from Amazon. When was he even here?

In our high tech world, there are pros and cons. As with anything, balance is needed. The photo in this post is my latest stock image, created specifically to promote a high tech world. From concept to shooting to marketing…there was no human contact needed. I suppose I’m doing my part to fuel our high tech world.

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