Saturday, May 7, 2011

The View from Above


If you’ve ever visited Maine, you’ve likely seen some of the ‘standard’ tourist sights; Cape Elizabeth "Two Lights", Portland Head Light, Pemaquid Point, L.L.Bean.

Ok, assuming you got seeing those sights out of your system, and you have some time to kill…are you ready to see some real beauty?

From Portland, hop on Rt.1 for a leisurely cruise up the coast, and depending on weather or not you stop for lunch at Moody’s Diner, in a couple of hours you’ll arrive at one of the hidden gems of Maine; the Midcoast Region. Ah, the Midcoast, my home-sweet-home and your chance to visit places like the Rockland Breakwater (bring comfy sneakers and sunglasses), and, amongst other things, Mt. Battie.

Now stick with me, because this next part is difficult, but trust me, it’s worth it. Continuing north on Rt.1, drive thru the towns of Rockland, then Rockport then Camden (about a 15 minute drive) and then...don’t… stop in Camden. Be strong. Just stay on Rt. 1 another mile or so out of town, and you will arrive at the Camden Hills State Park. Pay the small entrance fee, take make the quick jaunt up the motor road and you’ll arrive at the 800’ summit overlooking Camden Harbor and the town of Camden. Make sure to bring your camera and a lunch. The last thing you want to do is get hungry up there (because that would mean you would have to come back down!!!).

Enjoy the views. When your down ingesting all the natural beauty and fresh air, you can now go back into Camden. When you get into town, take a glance back up at Mt. Battie…see? Wasn’t it worth the drive? Don’t forget to update your Facebook friends and show everyone the pictures you took!

Kevin Kratka


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